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University of Battambang is an international standard university in Cambodia.

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  1. To educate and train students in science, technology, arts, culture and languages at all levels in accordance with the needs of the country, especially in north-western part of Cambodia.
  2. To conduct research on social and technological issues, develop appropriate solutions, and disseminate the findings to communities.
  3. To contribute towards the national development by collaborating with local authorities, government and non-governmental organizations, and consortium universities in the world.



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A part from being a close partner of business and industry, FTB has strong regional and global connections. We are weaving a growing and increasingly effective global network which further facilities our educational and research development, as well as enhancing our academic and cultural exchanges.

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Our Activities

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Mr. Tieng Morin

Dean of Faculty of Business Administration and Tourism

Mobile: (+855) 12 945 698/ 16 945 698

Tel: (+855) 53 6666 002

Email: tiengmorin@ubb.edu.kh/ morintieng@gmail.com[:]