Faculty of Business Administration and Tourism

Welcome to Faculty of Business Administration and Tourism!

At the Graduate School of Business, we create and advance knowledge for our students and for business professions through new modes of inquiry, research, scholarship and related intellectual activities within an Asian context in particular as well as international collaborations.

We strengthen educational preparation at the B.B.A and Master levels by integrating interdisciplinary perspectives, focus on research, scholarship, technology, and practical applications.

A part from being a close partner of business and industry, FTB has strong regional and global connections. We are weaving a growing and increasingly effective global network which further facilities our educational and research development, as well as enhancing our academic and cultural exchanges.

Through our goals, it is our hope that we improve the well-being of economically and socialy disadvantaged people by using a proactive approach to achieve a more just, equal, healthy, and productive society. To that end, we are continually working to enhance the School’s reputation as a national and international leader in the development of Business society to change the world.

I look forward to seeing you on our campus and to achieving our goals together.